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Our Commitment

Our Culture

We believe everyone and everything should be treated with respect, dignity and care.

We respect each other.

Our values are of passion, care, strength and wisdom.

We are a culture-led business; we aim to be an inspiring, meaningful and exciting place to work.

We celebrate our wins together. We also make mistakes and are constantly learning from them.

We work together regardless of role or title, we give real permission to each other to respectfully challenge, disagree, question and discuss.

We should always be humble, we want to make a difference, we want to contribute.

Our People & Our Clients

We strive for and fundamentally believe in a fully inclusive, diverse, supportive and accepting workplace with equal opportunities for all.

We work with people, not for them; we believe in partnership.

We care about people’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We work with and recruit open-minded people from a range of backgrounds and lived experiences who share our values and culture.

We want to empower everyone to be their very best.

We want to hear and listen to the voices and ideas of all our teams and clients on all company and client business – irrespective of age and seniority.

We do not tolerate office politics or a workplace environment that takes away from each employee’s professional evolution or duty to serve our clients.

We have a global advisory board who challenge, support and teach us.

Our Strategy

Our global communications pillars are to be conscious, strategic and audience-first.

We believe in the mantra: “half science & half feeling”.

We have a one team mentality; we believe in limitless creativity – together.

We work hard and we love our work, we work to evolve all the time, we constantly question and innovate.

We use technology with intelligence, we are non-suggestible, we prioritise sustainable and responsible communications.

Our Communication

We have the gift of communication. Powerful communication can change the world, we are conscious of this and think carefully about it.

We communicate with honesty and responsibility.

We create space for talking openly and honestly with each other.

Our Planet

We are constantly improving and evolving our business to be more responsible and more sustainable, we seek out clients and suppliers who also want to drive positive change.

We believe in playing the long game. Convenience-ism is no longer the solution.

We care about our planet, its people, and the animal kingdom and aim to leave the smallest footprint possible.

Our Finances

We have a long-term financial strategy and belief system, we believe in sustainable business.

We value our value, we believe in honest profits, we believe in the triple bottom line.

We pay market-rate salaries. We have decided to start voluntarily reporting internally from 2021 on gender and racial pay gaps. From 2021 we will be offering at a minimum the London living wage to all employees.

We expect all members of our company to value and respect our clients’ money and resources as well as our company’s money as their own.

We commit to using our purchasing power and that of our clients to actively support minority-owned businesses and talent where possible.